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Short and Sweet: Howtank Explained in 1 minute

Saving conversions - With a human touch

Driving qualified traffic to your site is an ever-more-costly endeavor.

Who can afford last-minute purchase abandonment because of a single doubt in the shopper’s mind that goes unaddressed?

We're here to help with live chats, real customers, and good old-fashioned human interaction.

Abandon abandoned purchases

FAQs, customer reviews, chatbots: in the era of generative AI, anyone can find the answer to a question.

Shoppers expect more to trust you with their money - that’s where we step in.

Howtank lets your Shoppers connect with Customers you’ve invited, to help them in real-time right where they are in their buying journey: on your website, or in your app.

Ready to keep your shoppers engaged?

Not every cart abandonment is inevitable. With Howtank, save hundreds or thousands of them!

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"Being able to guide shoppers with my personal experience and advice is a lot of fun - and shoppers seem to be grateful, too! It’s crazy to think all this can happen online!"

L'Occitane Helper

"With Howtank, I feel like I'm truly helping the shoppers I chat with. I think it's useful, I find it really rewarding."

Sarenza Helper

"I needed advice for a pair of shoes. I saw the little icon pop up and I asked my question. I talked to a member and I found the concept great."

Auchan Customer