Our Solution: Humans Helping Humans

AKA your Customers Converting
your Shoppers.

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At Howtank, we believe Conversions are a by-product of Trust.

Our live chat platform is designed to save those almost-sales by letting your shoppers connect with real customers, right where they are on your site, or in your app.

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Real-time chats

With your Helpers - all of whom are customers you’ve invited.

Real people, real experiences, real advice - no incentives, no scripts.

Oh, and a 22% post-chat conversion rate ;-)

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Exclusive Chatrooms

An exclusive space for brand enthusiasts, swapping stories and tips.
Accessible on an invitation-basis only, your brand’s chatrooms are where your Helpers can connect with each other, and with you!

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Impactful analytics

Monitor engagement and track key business metrics like conversion rates and revenue, all in one intuitive dashboard

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With Howtank, You’re not just saving sales

You’re building genuine connections that turn shoppers into lifelong customers

«The Howtank community fosters greater engagement and brand loyalty, creating an experience that goes beyond mere brand preference to truly delight our customers.»

Thibault Caron, Head of Customer Service @Sarenza

"Chatting is to conversation what carpooling is to travel: it's about people coming together, eager to assist and connect. It's more than just talk; it's about forging genuine bonds of trust."

Frédéric Mazzella, Cofounder @BlaBlaCar

« Howtank has truly empowered us to put our customer-centric strategy into action. By facilitating daily conversations between our customers and internal teams in a welcoming environment, they've created a unique approach that not only boosts our internal efficiency but also drives tangible business results.»

Emeline Royo, Social media and internal communication Manager @Auchan