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The live.

Your community meets to chat,
co-create, meet you.

Thematic discussion rooms
created by the members of your team and your community.

A subscription and notification system
so that you don't miss anything.

Gifs, photos, emojis, text messages or video chats,
everything you need to facilitate discussions and spend a good time with your community on our platform.

The chat.

Mutual support between users, on your site,
anytime, where it's useful.

A customized chat widget, so easy to implement
and to use that your community can answer all questions from your website visitors.

A live transfer system to transfer a chat
to another member of the community or someone in your team.

Community members tag conversations
and use email alerts to share key information, even when you're not connected.

Our analytics.
measure - adjust - perform

Measure the impact of the chat on your objectives.

Define your own conversion objectives and follow their achievement.

You have access to data from dashboards and activity reporting :

  • Directly in you manager space

  • via your own BI tool.

Explore the data
on the community and its activity.

A global knowledge to optimize your community strategy.

Learn from your users
to become more efficient.

The amplification modules.

Search and analyze conversations: a new source of customer knowledge, 100% user centrics.

Our search and analysis module allows you to analyze conversations through 40 filters and criteria.

Need to go further in semantic analysis? Export in one click all the contents you want to analyze using your analysis tool.

Share conversations : publish the most useful contents to grow your audience and boost your SEO.

Users vote for the most useful conversations. They are published on your website:

  • on the page of your website where the chat conversation started

  • on a dedicated page to create collaborative FAQs.

Learn from your users

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