Interact for the common good and the pleasure of everyone, to make themselves useful or to be informed.

Are you a biologist? That’s lucky, neither are we!
However, nature inspires us when it comes to talking about howtank.
In biology, a community is a system of living organisms that share a common environment, in which they interact for the good of all.

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To us, this model seemed to be a good programme, so in our own way, we looked for the means to keep up with nature and to develop these common spaces. With you and with us. With organisations, brands, associations. It has become our mission.
In plain English, here’s what we want: Companies that are committed A useful social network for the society

Companies that are committed

We want to enable organisations to act and to establish their role in our society, alongside their users.

64% of French people think that it’s a good thing that companies take part in public debate to defend the values they believe in1.

The place of companies, it’s among the city, for the city. And with a project. To get there, the first step is to renew a dialogue with the users that is direct and reciprocal. That is what we are promoting.

A useful social network for the society

We want to break with the model of social networks that makes people feeling always more lonely. The digital world should help relationships, not the opposite. We want to create a new interaction model that creates a link that is genuine, meaningful and fulfilling.
Sharing experiences and helping on another bring people together. We make it the starting point for exchanging ideas on howtank.

Loneliness is a bigger public health problem that obesity. It increases the risk of premature death by 50% which is comparable with that of smoking 15 cigarettes a day2.

Studies show that the feeling of loneliness increases with the frequency of visits and time spent on social media. Far from being the solution, it is sometimes the problem.

Everyone knows something that could be useful to someone else and should therefore be able to contribute

On howtank, there are no selections, tests or algorithms to decide who has the right to speak and can contribute to the communities. We are not here to give the floor to experts, but to everyone, to discuss the topics that interest you and share your experiences.

This little extra help improves everyone’s daily life and it is important for us to multiply the opportunities for it

Helping each other is a win-win situation. A Kiss Cool double effect for the benefit of everyone, because by giving, I receive.

And it’s simple too.
You’re the ones who say it: for 90% of French people, it’s above all about the small everyday gestures3. That’s what we want to promote. On howtank we can contribute to improving everyone’s daily life through very simple and one-off gestures while having fun without moderation.

Robots are not the future of conversation and technology must remain a means to put people in contact with each other and enable them to exchange views

Robots and technology... Two dirty words when you forget what makes human relationships so rich: emotions. For us, there is no relationship without emotion, no emotion without empathy. At howtank, we put technology at the service of humans, and certainly not the other way around.
We enable as many people as possible to join the conversation to create real connections.

Helping each other and sharing experiences are vectors for bringing people together, reciprocity, pleasure and togetherness in exchanges between users but also with organisations.

Friendship cannot be bought, neither can emotions. We remain convinced that relationships based on payment do not create sustainable connections. So on howtank, everyone participates 100% for the pleasure of doing so.

The commitment of a user community to an organisation is impossible without the organisation’s integrity regarding its users.

On howtank, there is no pedestal unless it’s for everyone to get on it. Users, organisations, here everyone is on an equal footing to create a more horizontal relationship. A user is not a marketing target, the organisations are not just disembodied objects: there are only people, freely exchanging ideas, with respect and kindness, needing each other. We call that reconnection, and believe it or not, it works.

Only a fair model can survive. All parties must benefit.

When you love, you don't keep score, but the recipe for success is when everyone has something to offer.

If everyone is a winner, then we create the conditions for a sustainable commitment to each other, everyone having an interest in joining forces to act.

Those who talk about it best are those who contribute to howtank. Brands or users, they’re the ones who say it, not us.

So, convinced? We’re just waiting for you now.

About howtank

Howtank brings organisations and their users together around common interests within communities, for the purpose of sharing experiences and helping each other.

Our project relies on the digital space to make it possible for individual users and/or organisation representatives to exchange ideas and share, everywhere, in real time, with a view to mutual enrichment, regardless of the subject matter.

  1. Study carried out by the Observatoire des marques dans la cité by Havas Paris and CSA in January 2018.
  2. Meta-analysis presented during the 2017 annual convention of the American Psychological Association.
  3. OpinionWay survey for howtank in October 2017