Community chat is a
new way of helping people.

Here are a few recommendations to help you
support users in the best way possible.

Rule number 1:
Don’t overdo it

Howtank provides you with an environment where you can meet the top members of all the sites that invited you. They have done this so you can have a special relationship with them, offering your ideas and contributing to their development.

You should only be using Howtank if you want to help their visitors. You shouldn’t be doing it just to earn the benefits.

Chatting must not be your main business, it isn’t a job and you will not be ‘paid’ as such. Please chat responsibly.

If the Howtank community life interests you, you can spend more time speaking with other experts using the forum, blog and the discussion room.

A good description works wonders

Users will see your photo and description in their chat window as soon as you take a conversation.

Even if your photo isn’t of you, it should be suitable for everyone to see.

A well written description without any errors will make you appear trustworthy.

Expand our knowledge

The FAQ section provides the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Autocomplete tool means you can quickly answer the most common questions.

When you visit Howtank you will also be able to read about all the latest events and features in the News feed.

The brand's team is your partner

You cannot encourage users to leave the brand's website for another competitor.

If you have an issue with the brand then please take it up directly with them.

Always remain calm

Users do not always realise that they are speaking to a real person and can sometimes be a bit ‘direct’ before they understand :)

If a user takes a while to reply then feel free to take another conversation in the meantime.

Users who talk to you may have absolutely no idea about the brand's website and ask you very basic questions. Even if the answers are simple, help them as best you can by providing the information they haven’t been able to find on the help pages.

Users are counting on you

You have mastered the brand's website and most of the questions are rather straight forward.

You should have good IT skills so that you can be efficient by quickly finding information online and passing it on to the user.

You should not always be asking for advice in the Discussion room or constantly transferring conversations to other experts.

The information you provide is important to users

Your answer will mean the user can get the most out of the brand.

It may lead to a purchase or a sign-up or, if your answer is wrong, a complaint.

If you don’t know the answer you can transfer the chat to another expert

If you don't know the answer, you can transfer the chat to an other expert

You really can’t find the answer? Transfer the conversation to a better qualified expert using the blue arrow.

Describe precisely the skill(s) needed.

For example, transfer the conversation with the tag #French if the user speaks French.

A little smiley?

Just at the end, right before the user scores you?

It is scientifically proven that scores are higher with a little :-)

Moderate responsibly

Some messages from ‘difficult’ users may be hard to handle. Warning! You must never rise to it by replying in the same manner, it will only make matters worse.

If you come across someone who is very difficult and only there to harass experts, you can block them.

Blocking a user must remain a last resort, use it responsibly.

Remain calm in the Discussion room too

You are free to talk about anything you want in the Discussion room: swap stories, ask for advice, etc.

But please always respect your fellow experts; they are there to help people too.

The atmosphere is always great, let’s try and keep it that way. Ask Howtank to step in if there are any problems by sending them a message.

Enjoy chatting!